The rolling Tomato

Beginning 3/22/2020 we will be closing at 8pm. 


The Rolling Tomato response to the Covid-19

  1. All employees have been asked to stay home if they show any symptoms of infection. I have indicated to them that I will do everything I can to help them financially should they have to stay home.
  2. All food handling is done with gloves.
  3. We have hand sanitizer at our counter for your convenience.(for now)
  4. The dining room is closed as of  March 16 at 8pm.
  5. We are offering delivery service. If you would like delivery please order online here.
  6. If you prefer takeout but wish to remain in your car please order here and when you arrive call 860.445.9663 llet us know your car and we will bring your order out to you.
  7. We will remain open as long as we believe we can do so without endangering our customers or employees.