deliveries, AXED

Effective Immediatley, The Rolling Tomato has been issued a

cease & desist

letter from our insurance Provider to suspend all delivery action!!

Seems we're covered to bring a wood fired oven on a trailer to you're home, place of business or event to cook pizzas to order. But WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to deliver pizzas from our location to your home..

Come On, REALLY!!

Call your local Congressman, Mailman, Vice Principal,Barack Obama & Lloyd Dobler himself to express your extreme displeasure on this issue & sing at the top of your lungs,


We want our MTV, Green M&M's & RT Delivered to our house..

Let know what they say!!!!

Peace Out!

*Large deliveries can still be accommodated*

*For 6 pies or more, please call Groton*

*Any day or Time of the week*

*  GO  *